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The Art of Acupuncture, Baby Boomer Edition

0 comments / February 29, 2016

A scathing email from an M.D. was the first clue I had that my article on acupuncture for Baby Boomers had been published: Your article on acupuncture was little more than an advertising piece for the featured person. Virtually none of the benefits you site have any scientific validation. The idea that acupuncture can inRead more

Long-Distance Misfit

0 comments / February 26, 2016

On February 21, my Misfit Shine phone app sent me a lovely message informing me that the Shine and I had walked 150 miles together. I’m pretty sure that’s 75 miles more than I would have walked in six weeks without the Shine.    

Seeing the Future: New Options in Cataract Surgery

0 comments / February 22, 2016

My stepfather’s mother had cataract surgery back in the 1960’s. She was diabetic and must have had severe cataracts. It was a rare surgery back then. As I recall, she was bedridden for days, and forever after wore pop-bottle glasses that distorted her eyes. Flash forward fifty years. Nowadays, it seems, cataract surgery is aRead more

Work or Retire? It’s Not That Easy

0 comments / February 18, 2016

More and more people claim they plan to keep working past the traditional retirement age. In 2015, about 36 percent of people over 25 said they planned to work past age 65. But things don’t always go according to plan, as theĀ  University of Michigan Health and Retirement Study (HRS) shows. The HRS has beenRead more

When All You Need Is Love….

0 comments / February 14, 2016

According to the Pew Foundation, 15 percent of American adults have used online dating sites as of 2015.That number seems really low to me–but that is, perhaps, due to my demographic. The numbers grow steadily upward with education and income levels, although they decline with age. If you study the bar chart, you discover, inRead more

Are you ready for retirement?

0 comments / February 12, 2016

A Facebook quiz says five easy questions can help me determine if I’m ready for retirement. I answered truthfully–that my work is central to my identity, that I don’t really have much else going on, that I don’t know what I’d do with myself if I weren’t working. The quiz told me I’m ready toRead more

Still Shining

0 comments / February 10, 2016

Update on my fitness tracker: I really do love my Misfit Shine. I bought it mostly because was the only affordable alternative for swimming. But there’s so much more. Most important: The Happy Dance. When I meet my 10,000 point goal, the watch doesn’t just buzz (which, as I understand it, is all you getRead more

Old Folks at Home

0 comments / February 1, 2016

I’m seeing articles about planned retirement communities. It seems that some people like the idea of being around people their own age. On the other hand, the number of multigenerational households has doubled over the past thirty years, according to the Pew Foundation. There are good arguments on both sides. A community built for retireesRead more