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Once in a Blood Red Moon

0 comments / September 28, 2015

We made a three-stage event of the September 27 Blood/Harvest/Total Eclipsed Moon. First we biked over to the Mississippi to see the first red rise above the horizon. An amazing number of people were there, including an extended family from South Carolina. We biked home in dusk, hopped in the car and drove to anRead more

Remembering Patty

0 comments / September 27, 2015

We’re coming up on the fourth anniversary of the death of my cousin Patty. We were, in a way, more like sisters than cousins, born just two months apart. She was an only child and my siblings are substantially younger, so she was the one with whom I shared memories of what childhood was like,Read more

Minneapolis Bike Tour 2015

0 comments / September 20, 2015

Yes, that’s me above, right, waving to the admiring crowd as I crossed the finish line of the Minneapolis Bike Tour. Okay, the admiring crowd had pretty much drifted away to the beer tent by the time I got there–an hour or so behind the elite 32-mile riders. But I completed my 24 mile rideRead more

“Advice, like youth, is wasted on the young”

0 comments / September 15, 2015

Why is it that people under 30 get advice on how to live, while people over 60 get advice about how to invest? Mary Schmich (not Kurt Vonnegut) wrote a wonderful pseudo-commencement address to the Class of 97. Philip Galanes recently quoted it in his New York Times Social Q’s column, advice to a youngRead more

ROBSing your 401K

0 comments / September 12, 2015

A recent article outlines the “Top 5 small business ideas” for Baby Boomers. The article is a little confusing–it’s hard to tell whether Boomers are the prospective owners or the target audience for some of these ideas. Pet care could be good because “Many boomers have chosen to fill their empty nests with four-legged furryRead more

0 comments / September 6, 2015

The Times of India reports on two college professors who are working past 65. Apparently in India, this is news. The profs had to get “extensions” to work past age 65. One of them is now nearly 70; the other is 68. It is interesting, perhaps, that the profs are both in high-tech fields andRead more

Baby Boomers Are Staying Home

0 comments / September 3, 2015

Here’s a stunning statistic: 40 percent of US housing is owned by Baby Boomers. Our overall numbers now trail those of the Millennial generation,, but those folks are understandably slow to invest in housing, having seen the crash and turn that began in 2008. A lot of them are still living at home—because of collegeRead more

Death Knells of the Rich and Famous

0 comments / September 1, 2015

Oliver Sacks died this week at age 82. He had announced that he was terminally ill, but the announcement was still a surprise and a disappointment. Somehow it seemed that a man of science would find some treatment or miracle cure to stave off the final finish, although he wrote back in February, “I nowRead more