I’ve had periodontal problems for more than 20 years now. I blame my own smoking habit and a really bad dentist I saw back in my 30’s. I had to have a series of painful root scalings and my gums continue to recede.

For almost a decade, I required full numbing every time I got my teeth cleaned–and I get my teeth cleaned four times a year. That meant careful scheduling of the cleaning because I was numb for hours afterward. In addition, I was increasingly reactive to the Novocaine, with racing heart followed by fatigue.

Then someone, somewhere, introduced me to Oraqix. It’s a topical gel in a little tube that the hygienist can put right along the gumline. It numbs only the immediate area, and only for about 15 minutes–which is just long enough for that area to be cleaned.

By the time my teeth are polished and flossed, the numbness is gone, and I’m ready to go about my day.

(And no, this is not a sponsored post.)