IMG_2232According to Forbes, Baby Boomers spend $157 billion (with a b) on travel every year (every year!) and rank travel as their #1 leisure activity. I have a friend who leaves today for Laos, undiscouraged at having had last year’s trip to Nepal cut short by the horrific earthquake, which left him camped out in a hotel courtyard for hours. I have another friend who takes month-long bike trips through the southern hemisphere every year.

So I feel like a Philistine when I say that travel isn’t a big deal for me, and my interest is diminishing as I get older. I just spent a week in the Phoenix area, and it was great. But I worried about my animals, and I was nervous about the time change, and the crowds and long distances got to me. Downtown Sedona was crazy, and I was there just long enough to get directions to a lovely hiking trail where I only encountered four other people in 90 minutes.

The best part of the vacation was a hidden gem, Basha’s museum, with a collection of western and Native art that took my breath away. And it was a mile from my cousin’s house.

I think my model for late-life travel will be my old friends Lu and Robert Smith, who knew every inch of the 100 miles around their hometown in Wisconsin. They knew where to shop, where to get great liver and onions, where the museums were. They learned through frequent short trips with lots of time to delve.

But I’d love to get back to Cuba. So, who knows?