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Mr. Tidbit Joins the Blogosphere

0 comments / March 30, 2016

Al Sicherman is a very funny man. For years–32 of them, in fact–he wrote for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. For some of those years, he had a weekly food column that was perhaps informed less by his cooking abilities than by his background as an electrical engineer. The meals were wildly experimental–a meal with chocolateRead more

The Gift of Life–You’re Never Too Old to Give

0 comments / March 27, 2016

Last week I earned my seven gallon pin at Memorial Blood Centers. According to a chart on the wall of the mobile van, that means I’ve helped 168 people. I’m impressed at the way Memorial Blood Centers continues to improve processes. I started donating regularly when they replaced the nasty fingertip slicing device with aRead more

A Nice Place to Visit

0 comments / March 10, 2016

According to Forbes, Baby Boomers spend $157 billion (with a b) on travel every year (every year!) and rank travel as their #1 leisure activity. I have a friend who leaves today for Laos, undiscouraged at having had last year’s trip to Nepal cut short by the horrific earthquake, which left him camped out inRead more