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The Sandwich Generation: Call Me Lunchmeat

0 comments / January 26, 2016

Last Sunday, I officially stepped down as primary caregiver. Radiation and chemo had ended on Tuesday. The calendar opens up. From here on, I explained, it’s pretty simple math: 2,000 calories is the requirement for American adults to maintain a healthy weight. Nagging from me added no food value. Pain decreases with pain management andRead more

The Attitude of Gratitude

0 comments / January 25, 2016

On Being should be required listening for everyone over 60. Over the years, Krista Tippett has developed the clout to get to the most fascinating people: Mary Oliver, who is the favorite poet of nearly everyone I know; Kevin Kling, who knows more than most people about both loss and laughter; and even the DalaiRead more

January is the cruelest month

0 comments / January 22, 2016

The death of Alan Rickman hit me harder than that of David Bowie–that seems to be a minority opinion. Love, Actually is one of my favorite films and although Rickman’s errant husband is as close as the film comes to a villain, he’s sweet and wonderful. I loved him in Dogma, too. I had lookedRead more

Misfit Shine’s Happy Dance

0 comments / January 17, 2016

Click on the link to see the Misfit Shine doing its happy dance. The three-tap “hey, I’m swimming laps” signal worked, apparently. I was dismayed when I was only at 4 dots when I got out of the pool, but a later synch moved me up to 8 dots, and a quick dog walk putRead more

Little Miss Misfit

0 comments / January 16, 2016

It’s taken less than a week for my Misfit Shine to take over my life. Last night I got out of the car a block from my destination so I could get in more steps. In fact, I did that three times. All so I could get to the goal, when the watch does aRead more

And We’ll All Shine On

0 comments / January 10, 2016

I got myself a new gadget for the new year. As with breakfast cereal and moisturizer, there are way too many choices, and that slowed me down. Swimming is one of my major activities, so I wanted something waterproof, but not something that looked like a gonzo diver’s watch. And not something that cost hundredsRead more