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Where Is the Grass Greenest for Retirees?

0 comments / October 26, 2015

LPL Research just published a “Retirement Index” that gives each of the 50 states a letter grade for “attractiveness to pre-retirees as they prepare for retirement.” So, in fact, I’m not the target audience, which is the “45-to-64-year-old cohort”—the Baby Boomers who are looking ahead and, we hope. Learning from the experiences of their seniors.Read more

67 Is the New 65

0 comments / October 26, 2015

The phrase “working past retirement” has become so common that we might forget it makes no inherent sense. “Retirement” used to mean “when you stopped working,” and by definition if you were still working, you weren’t retired. In truth, it was probably never that simply. My grandfather retired from farming–moved to town, sold the farm.Read more

Retirement Planning: High Road or Low Road?

0 comments / October 22, 2015

This is what makes retirement planning difficult: A recent article in the AdviceIQ column of says: What about the adage that you spend 75% of your annual current expenses when you retire? Hogwash. If you are a spender, shopper, traveler or golfer, retirement gives you more time to spend more money on what youRead more

Memory Loss and Losing Money

0 comments / October 18, 2015

I read the novel Still Alice and reported on it for my book club. Unlike most book clubs, we don’t read the same book. We read different books and report on them and then lend them to one another. I didn’t wind up with any takers for this novel about Alzheimer’s Disease. Everyone thought itRead more

One Wild and Precious Life

0 comments / October 18, 2015

  I had a week away from the city, and which got me into a reflective mood. On the drive home, I listened to Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast, Magic Lessons, which is a continuation of the thinking in her new book, Big Magic. In the podcast, Gilbert acts as a sort of Fairy Godmother of CreativityRead more

Retirement Requirements

0 comments / October 8, 2015

One thing I learned from working in Information Technology departments: Always put requirements before design. Most people don’t do that, most of the time. And it very often gets us in trouble. In the IT world, it means you specify a particular kind of technology, without saying why you want it or what you wantRead more

Singing the Blue Zone Blues

0 comments / October 6, 2015

I recently heard part of a Westminster Town Hall Forum featuring Dan Buettner. He’s the one who has done research on the Blue Zones, pockets of the world where healthy longevity is the norm rather than the exception. One of his findings stood out because it reflects something I have often thought about: He saidRead more