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Working waaaay past “retirement” age

0 comments / August 27, 2015

A story in the Lehigh Acres Citizen, published in Ft. Myers, Florida, profiles an eighty-year-old Realtor. She took over the business when the owner retired and cites her father’s advice, “It’s better to wear out than rust out,” as the reason she stays in the workplace. Her story highlights some of the advantages of theRead more

To Claim or Not to Claim

0 comments / August 24, 2015

That isn’t the question, as it turns out. I had always thought the whole Social Security thing was pretty cut and dried. Now I’m discovering it has more nuance than a Henry James novel. And while most of us turn to professionals for handling the complexities of the tax code or the stock market, weRead more

Who moved my Chee-tos?

0 comments / August 18, 2015

Some decades ago, a co-worker and I were commiserating about the challenges of dieting. She said, “I told my husband I’m too busy to diet. He said, ‘How much extra time does it take to not eat Cheetos?’” I have often wondered whether the marriage lasted. But I do see the point. For twenty-first centuryRead more

What’s New?

0 comments / August 11, 2015

A decade or so ago, a college professor colleague of mine, since departed, came charging out of his office with his few remaining strands of hair standing on end. He stood in the hallway and shouted, “I have been teaching subject-verb agreement for thirty years. Why are the students still not getting it?” The facultyRead more