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Old Folks at Home

0 comments / February 1, 2016

I’m seeing articles about planned retirement communities. It seems that some people like the idea of being around people their own age. On the other hand, the number of multigenerational households has doubled over the past thirty years, according to the Pew Foundation. There are good arguments on both sides. A community built for retireesRead more

A Long and Winding Road

0 comments / December 7, 2015

According to the Huffington Post, “old age” was most commonly defined as age 80 in a survey of 2000 Britons. That’s a far cry from age 68, which a previous study (not that long ago) defined as “old age.” Chris Farrell, in his book on Unretirement, makes the point that 60 to 90 isn’t oneRead more

Baby Boomers Are Staying Home

0 comments / September 3, 2015

Here’s a stunning statistic: 40 percent of US housing is owned by Baby Boomers. Our overall numbers now trail those of the Millennial generation,, but those folks are understandably slow to invest in housing, having seen the crash and turn that began in 2008. A lot of them are still living at home—because of collegeRead more

Retire with Pets?

0 comments / June 28, 2015

A neighbor, recently widowed, told me a wonderful story the other day. When I moved to the neighborhood four years ago, he and his wife had four dogs. Three were rather elderly Scotties. The fourth was a mutt that the neighbor had rescued from a house a block or so away, where it had livedRead more

Downsizing? Here’s how to let go.

0 comments / June 1, 2015

I ran across an interesting—although unsubstantiated—comment about clutter in an article on downsizing: “…most of the stuff people keep without using is a tribute to an unmet goal.” The example in the article, which makes perfect intuitive sense, is that treadmill or exercise bike that’s gathering dust in the bedroom if it isn’t actually clutteringRead more

Priceless? Probably not.

0 comments / June 1, 2015

I recently posted an insight about the nature of clutter: Objects we can’t let go of represent unrealized goals, according to an article I read. That’s easy to see for a lot of items—those unread books, unused pieces of exercise equipment, tubs full of fabric and beads for long-planned craft projects. Harder to tie toRead more