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The Sandwich Generation: Call Me Lunchmeat

0 comments / January 26, 2016

Last Sunday, I officially stepped down as primary caregiver. Radiation and chemo had ended on Tuesday. The calendar opens up. From here on, I explained, it’s pretty simple math: 2,000 calories is the requirement for American adults to maintain a healthy weight. Nagging from me added no food value. Pain decreases with pain management andRead more

Once in a Blood Red Moon

0 comments / September 28, 2015

We made a three-stage event of the September 27 Blood/Harvest/Total Eclipsed Moon. First we biked over to the Mississippi to see the first red rise above the horizon. An amazing number of people were there, including an extended family from South Carolina. We biked home in dusk, hopped in the car and drove to anRead more

Who moved my Chee-tos?

0 comments / August 18, 2015

Some decades ago, a co-worker and I were commiserating about the challenges of dieting. She said, “I told my husband I’m too busy to diet. He said, ‘How much extra time does it take to not eat Cheetos?’” I have often wondered whether the marriage lasted. But I do see the point. For twenty-first centuryRead more

Second-Half Entrepreneurs

0 comments / June 1, 2015

Although half of Baby Boomers in a recent Gallup survey said they plan to keep working past traditional retirement age, that doesn’t mean they plan to stay in their current jobs. With children grown and mortgages under control, many baby boomers are scratching an entrepreneurial itch. People over age 50 are one of the fastestRead more

Roots and Wings

0 comments / June 1, 2015

As noted in a previous post, my friends lament their children’s lack of interest in the family silver, china and antique furniture. Parents feel hurt and rejected, as though they, rather than their heirlooms, had been devalued. An alternative is to shift the focus from the objects kids don’t want to the things they willRead more