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Happy Birthday, Beverly Cleary

0 comments / April 13, 2016

A children’s book author turning 100 is something to ponder. Is it ironic that she lived so far past the age of her characters? Or is it fitting that she maintains a certain eternal youth? Her observation that she “didn’t do it on purpose” seems apt.  

The Gift of Life–You’re Never Too Old to Give

0 comments / March 27, 2016

Last week I earned my seven gallon pin at Memorial Blood Centers. According to a chart on the wall of the mobile van, that means I’ve helped 168 people. I’m impressed at the way Memorial Blood Centers continues to improve processes. I started donating regularly when they replaced the nasty fingertip slicing device with aRead more

The Attitude of Gratitude

0 comments / January 25, 2016

On Being should be required listening for everyone over 60. Over the years, Krista Tippett has developed the clout to get to the most fascinating people: Mary Oliver, who is the favorite poet of nearly everyone I know; Kevin Kling, who knows more than most people about both loss and laughter; and even the DalaiRead more

January is the cruelest month

0 comments / January 22, 2016

The death of Alan Rickman hit me harder than that of David Bowie–that seems to be a minority opinion. Love, Actually is one of my favorite films and although Rickman’s errant husband is as close as the film comes to a villain, he’s sweet and wonderful. I loved him in Dogma, too. I had lookedRead more

If the Fates Allow

0 comments / December 25, 2015

One of the most treasured secular songs of the season is “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” Its appeal, I think, lies in its melancholy. In its original setting in the film Meet Me in St. Louis, the Judy Garland character sang it to her younger sister, played by Margaret O’Brien, to assure her thatRead more

Ghosts of Christmas Lost

0 comments / December 11, 2015

It was raining hard yesterday in Minneapolis–on December 10. That’s unnerving, but I don’t think it’s why I was all teary as I drove off on my holiday errands. This has been a year of loss. Last spring I decided to leave a warm and comfortable community to the return to the big city. MyRead more

One Wild and Precious Life

0 comments / October 18, 2015

  I had a week away from the city, and which got me into a reflective mood. On the drive home, I listened to Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast, Magic Lessons, which is a continuation of the thinking in her new book, Big Magic. In the podcast, Gilbert acts as a sort of Fairy Godmother of CreativityRead more

Once in a Blood Red Moon

0 comments / September 28, 2015

We made a three-stage event of the September 27 Blood/Harvest/Total Eclipsed Moon. First we biked over to the Mississippi to see the first red rise above the horizon. An amazing number of people were there, including an extended family from South Carolina. We biked home in dusk, hopped in the car and drove to anRead more

Remembering Patty

0 comments / September 27, 2015

We’re coming up on the fourth anniversary of the death of my cousin Patty. We were, in a way, more like sisters than cousins, born just two months apart. She was an only child and my siblings are substantially younger, so she was the one with whom I shared memories of what childhood was like,Read more

“Advice, like youth, is wasted on the young”

0 comments / September 15, 2015

Why is it that people under 30 get advice on how to live, while people over 60 get advice about how to invest? Mary Schmich (not Kurt Vonnegut) wrote a wonderful pseudo-commencement address to the Class of 97. Philip Galanes recently quoted it in his New York Times Social Q’s column, advice to a youngRead more