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Long-Distance Misfit

0 comments / February 26, 2016

On February 21, my Misfit Shine phone app sent me a lovely message informing me that the Shine and I had walked 150 miles together. I’m pretty sure that’s 75 miles more than I would have walked in six weeks without the Shine.    

The Attitude of Gratitude

0 comments / January 25, 2016

On Being should be required listening for everyone over 60. Over the years, Krista Tippett has developed the clout to get to the most fascinating people: Mary Oliver, who is the favorite poet of nearly everyone I know; Kevin Kling, who knows more than most people about both loss and laughter; and even the DalaiRead more

Misfit Shine’s Happy Dance

0 comments / January 17, 2016

Click on the link to see the Misfit Shine doing its happy dance. The three-tap “hey, I’m swimming laps” signal worked, apparently. I was dismayed when I was only at 4 dots when I got out of the pool, but a later synch moved me up to 8 dots, and a quick dog walk putRead more

Yes, and…

0 comments / December 30, 2015

Improvisation–the comedic technique that fueled Second City and, therefore, Saturday Night Live, has become a hot new seminar topic. Forbes magazine called it “great business training.” A Twin Cities improv guy named Stevie Ray runs a school that offers training both for comics and for business people looking to take the “Next Step.” It’s notRead more

Radiation Nation

0 comments / December 4, 2015

Cancer is, for the person who has it, and for the caregiver, a wonder and an astonishment. It is one of life’s defining moments. It is uncharted territory. And yet…. According to the National Cancer Institute, almost 40 percent of us will have cancer at some point. That’s barely a minority of the population. It’sRead more

And So It Begins: Needles and Pins

0 comments / November 16, 2015

My cat introduced me to acupuncture. Shirley was about 15 when she suddenly became nauseated, unbalanced, unable to walk. She crawled under the bed and I lay on the floor beside her, waiting for the vet’s office to open so I could have her euthanized. By Monday, Shirley hadn’t died. My wonderful vet, Nancy Balto,Read more

Singing the Blue Zone Blues

0 comments / October 6, 2015

I recently heard part of a Westminster Town Hall Forum featuring Dan Buettner. He’s the one who has done research on the Blue Zones, pockets of the world where healthy longevity is the norm rather than the exception. One of his findings stood out because it reflects something I have often thought about: He saidRead more